Potret Laboratorium Dasar Fakultas Kedokteran Abulyatama

Fakultas Kedokteran Abulyatama mempunyai berbagai macam Lab, diantaranya :

  • Lab. Fisiologi
  • Lab. Farmakologi
  • Lab. Mikrobiologi
  • Lab. Parasitologi
  • Lab. Patologi Klinik
  • Lab. Biokomia
  • Lab. Anatomi
  • Skill Lab
  • Osce Center

C360_2015-10-07-08-27-16-442[1]    C360_2015-10-07-08-27-55-611[1]

C360_2015-10-07-08-28-28-461[1]    C360_2015-10-07-08-29-04-655[1]

C360_2015-10-07-08-29-32-920[1]    C360_2015-10-07-09-20-24-400[1]

C360_2015-10-07-09-20-53-984[1]    C360_2015-10-07-09-21-18-649[1]

C360_2015-10-07-09-22-21-505[1]    C360_2015-10-07-09-24-48-859[1]

C360_2015-10-07-09-47-52-650[1]    C360_2015-10-07-10-19-23-646[1]

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